All incoming mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, chemicals and industrial products are received, part numbers marked, store, maintain and delivered as per well defined policies in Muscat warehouse facility.

AOGS Warehouse is designed to be able to manage wide range of clients, products and applications. The facilities are equipped to handle different mechanical equipments, industrial products and chemicals substances in bulk and packages that require special storage conditions, safety mechanisms of storage and handling of chemicals. All storage of chemicals shall be organized in "first in/first out" (FIFO) principle (i.e. older stock to be consumed first) is adhered to. This requires good housekeeping of the storage area and accessibility of the material to be taken first.

AOGS partnered with local Omani logistics providers. Their operations are conducted in highest standards and approved all regulatory authorities and leading customers. AOGS' comprehensive Fleet Management System manages, monitor and operate in safe manner. AOGS provides surface transportation for mechanical products, industrial products, Oil Well Cement, Bulk Chemicals and Lab chemicals from the smallest parcel to bulk aggregate deliveries which includes the related planning, management of complex delivery schedules for projects and supply-line logistics. Our logistics providers have latest, IVMS equipped, civil defense approved transport vehicles of various sizes from 1 Ton pick up to 45 tons trucks.

AOGS shall operate with utmost care for the health and safety of Seller Personnel, Company personnel and Third Parties, and for the environment, and to comply with Company's Health, Safety and Environmental Management System. Journey Management is also imbedded with the safety systems with a full understanding at all levels of the purpose of these measures as well as the procedures themselves. In particular AOGS shall be deemed fully conversant with Company's driving, transportation and vehicle requirements and shall ensure that AOGS Personnel at all times conform fully to Company's driving qualification requirements.